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I am back!!

Hi All!! This is just a small post to mark my return to the blogging world after a year.

It’s time now for the holidays. And I am  busy planning my next month. So my next few posts will revolve around this theme.

Happy Holidays everyone!!

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Our office has an Inspire Us series conducted every year with successful people from different fields coming and sharing their learnings with us.

Guess who came to our office two weeks ago.. Rahul Dravid…

IMG-20150701-WA0018It was so awesome listening to him and of course seeing him in person. I saw Rahul Dravid.

The response that Rahul Dravid got in our office was brilliant. I have never seen so many people fit into the indoor cafeteria before. God only knows what reaction will we get if we ever decide to get Sachin Tendulkar to the event.

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