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Reading Challenge – Updates

If you remember, I had done a post in December regarding how I am doing a reading challenge this year and have been reading books for the same. There are still a lot of categories for me to cover in this challenge, but let me tell you about a few that I completed.

There was a category called Read a book you have read before and I had a few of my favourite books lined up for this. One day while watching the idiot box I saw Harry Potter and immediately wanted to read it again. Its one of my favourite books having grown up reading them. I decided I would read only one but ended up reading the whole series again and Continue reading “Reading Challenge – Updates”

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My Goals for the New Year

Its been too long that I have set up goals for myself as a part of new year resolutions. I was too busy working last few years and somehow my interest in all the things that I loved diminished a lot. I have not done anything different or new in the last few years. The only good thing that I started was this blog but as you know I did not even stick to it for long. Now that I am not working and am on  a break, I would love to set goals once again.


I thank Liz for motivating me to do this through her post 3 Major Goals for 2017.

I totally believe that you should share your goals with others. But make sure you share them with only those people who have a positive impact on your life and those who love to motivate you. Continue reading “My Goals for the New Year”

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The First Snow – Treasure

via Daily Prompt: Treasure

I have always lived in India in a region that always had a mild weather. And I had never ever experienced snow in my life.

So on this Monday morning when I got up I saw that its snowing. Even though it snowed for not more than half an hour and not a heavy snow I still enjoyed the experience. I went out on the terrace and saw the falling flakes, touched them. It was such a treasure for me.

So that’s another memory that gets added to my treasure box of memories. I hope it snows more here in Seattle so that my treasure box keeps filling.

Enjoy the snow everyone!!