Hi!! I am Lochan Vasal. An Aries girl and a simple person. I stay in Seattle with my husband.

When I say simple I just mean that its simple to keep me happy. If my loved ones are happy so am I. I find happiness in something as simple as a smile from my husband to the autumn leaves or the first drops of rain. I think everyone has a positive side to their behavior and everyone deserves a second chance.

I am interested in a lot of things including reading books, playing video games, food, writing and much more. This blog is just an attempt to write about all such things that interest me. So you might find a mix of topics on this blog.

I hope you all will like my blog and encourage me to keep going.


P.S. This page has been updated recently. I am hoping to put an end to the drought of posts that I had on this blog for the past 1 year.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for the follow Lochan. I know very little about Seattle, but having just looked at the map, and a few google entries, it looks like a great place to live.
    I look forward to reading your blog and discovering a bit more about your life in the North West.

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