About – Stories from my Grandfather

In this section I am going to write about the stories that I heard from my grandfather(Pappaja). My grandfather loved telling stories. I never asked him how he knew those stories. I always assumed he knew everything. But I think he had read those stories in books somewhere and told them to me in a way that i would understand.

I still remember these stories because he told them to my brother too and later he used to repeat these stories when there was a relevant discussion going on. These mythological stories always had some moral from his point of view and maybe that’s what helped us to be what we are now.

So I’ll be telling these stories in my words and I am sure few of you might have heard similar or different versions of the same.

I am not learned in all the Hindu scriptures and I would be telling what I know and what I have learnt from various books and stories that I have ever read to or heard from my grandfather. This series is not an attempt to reinforce Hindu beliefs on anyone. Its just a way of telling stories and trying to keep the Hindu mythology alive .

I hope you guys will enjoy these as much as I did.

P.S. : Do let me know what you think of this section that I am planning to start. Waiting eagerly for your comments.

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