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First Weekend and a few reflections

Here comes the first weekend of the new year and my first post of 2017. I have not written anything this new year but I have been active on WordPress reading your posts.

I hope the new year has been great for you so far and I hope this continues throughout the year.

Here I just wanted to reflect back and see how I progressed on my new year goals. So far, this year has been good to me. I started the new year by going to the temple here in Seattle. I got a new puzzle so that I can keep myself busy in the afternoons. Its been 6 days and the progress is slow but visible. I’ll post the progress soon. But looking at the cover you can make out why the progress is slow. I had to redo parts of it so many times as what seems to fit together on one day doesn’t seem to match on another.


I had started going to the gym right after Christmas and have continued the streak. Its been 12 days for me now and I could not be more happy with myself. Its the longest I have gone without even taking a one day break. So Yay!! Go me…

I have also eaten  homemade food since the 1st except for yesterday afternoon when I went out and had a sub. But other than that I have cooked everyday and had yummy food. I even made mutton curry yesterday. It was scrumptious. (Sorry for the bad photography. But I had not planned on initially putting the pic on the blog. But I couldn’t resist. This was just to send pics to my brother and make him jealous.)


Other than that I have not started on my other goals yet. Early to rise happens only on weekdays as my husband has to go to office. But early to bed is still not happening as our dinner time has somehow become late. I have to fix that soon.

I have not yet started the reading challenge. I am still trying to figure out the books that I would like to read for each category. I need a library card soon. If I but everything I want to read, my house will only have books everywhere and no place to sit.

And I have not yet started the last goal of deciding my plan of further studies. Hopefully I’ll be there soon mentally so that I can take this decision.

I am also planning a new series for the blog. I had this idea sometime back but I was not able to post anything in reference to it. I am working on a few stories for the same and will publish them soon.

How has your first week of new year been?

Have a great day you guys!!

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