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My Goals for the New Year

Its been too long that I have set up goals for myself as a part of new year resolutions. I was too busy working last few years and somehow my interest in all the things that I loved diminished a lot. I have not done anything different or new in the last few years. The only good thing that I started was this blog but as you know I did not even stick to it for long. Now that I am not working and am on  a break, I would love to set goals once again.


I thank Liz for motivating me to do this through her post 3 Major Goals for 2017.

I totally believe that you should share your goals with others. But make sure you share them with only those people who have a positive impact on your life and those who love to motivate you. If you share them with the wrong people you might get demotivated and not achieve your goals.

That being said, I love you guys. You all have encouraged and motivated me so much to continue my blogging and to keep writing. I am very sure you all are going to keep me motivated to achieve my goals. But don’t even for a minute think that I am not going to do the same for you guys. I am going to keep visiting your blogs to make sure you are working towards your goals.

My major goals for 2017 are:


I have neglected my health for the past few years so that’s the main goal for me. So my first goal is actually a 3 part goal –

  • Exercise everyday (even if its only a walk for 15-30  mins)
  • Eat healthy (home cooked meals at least 5 days a week)
  • Early to bed and early to rise (My routine has changed a lot since I left my job and that affected my sleep pattern)

My second goal came from the fact that over the last few years my reading habit got restricted to only 2 genres romance and thriller. I miss the days when I used to read books of a variety of genres. So I am participating in the Book Riot’s 2017 Read Harder Challenge. Those who are interested can join me in the same. I would love to do that with you people. I will try to do a post on all the books that I read for completing this challenge.

My third goal came from the fact that working in the technical field for the past 6 years I am not able to decide if I want to continue in the same field or change my field to management or something else. So I want to decide on a major this year and prepare for its entrance so that I can join the course in 2018.

I am not tagging anyone in the post but people who are interested in joining me and Liz for this please do comment and let me know. Also of you are interested in the Read Harder challenge do let me know.

Lots of love to you all…

Happy New Year!!!!!

10 thoughts on “My Goals for the New Year

  1. Hi Lochan.

    Thanks for posting. I agree with Naaria that you gave a very important point there. Some people do not understand some things we do, or they are not that supportive. That’s okay because not everyone will be on our side all the time.

    That’s the beauty of being here, isn’t it? I noticed we all want to have personal development, maybe financial security, a sense of purpose in life.. these are things in common amongst blogs that I see. What’s great is we can all be there for each other as we grow and walk towards our goals, step by step.

    I love that you didn’t just list the 3 goals, but included the small action steps that you need to to do to achieve them. That’s vital, and practical. It’s something you can do daily, and eventually reach your goal.

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