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My First Blogging Award :-)


Thank you so much Liz(Stay Strong, Daily Warrior) for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award. You made my day!!
Do visit her blog. I am sure you all will be motivated when you go through her blog. Her ‘The Warrior Princess‘ category is my absolute favorite and every time I read it it keeps me thinking. I am sure you all will also like it.

The Rules for accepting the award are:

– Thank the person that nominated you and leave a link to their blog

– Post about the award

– Share 7 facts about yourself

– Nominate at most 15 people

– Tell your nominees the good news!!

Here are 7 facts about me for those of you who are interested-

  1. I am a junk food addict: I can eat anything that is unhealthy. From Cheetos to Kurkure to Burgers, Chips and Pizzas. I just drool when I see junk food.junk
  2. My chocolates have to be pure chocolates: That just means that I do not like Fruit & Nut chocolates. If I want to eat chocolate, I will eat only chocolate. If I want nuts I’ll eat nuts. Why to mix the two? Or rather why put anything in chocolates? I just want chocolates. (Saying chocolate so many times has made me crave for chocolate now ;-))
  3. I am afraid of all animals:  Yes, yes that’s true. But I am trying to overcome the fear of dogs now-a-days. My husband has always wanted a puppy and because I don’t want this fear to spread to my children(when I have some), I am working towards making myself like dogs. One animal at a time. Having said that, I have been to South Africa and petted a Cheetah in those sanctuaries where they take care of the various animals before they are released to the wild. But if you see that pic of mine you’ll come to know how terrified I was.
  4. I hate exercising:  This is one reason I have to keep in check my love of junk food. I always start exercising and then for some reason or another drop it after a couple of months. I am hoping the 2017 resolution of just half an hour daily does not go the same way others have.
  5. I love romance novels: Nora Roberts is my favorite. Not only does she have beautiful love stories but her female characters are strong. They are not the ones to let the male character take all the limelight during danger. The ladies in her novels can stand upto any villian on their own but prefer to do that with the men in their lives, not  because they are helpless but because they love them. Another awesome part about Nora Robert’s books are that she writes all these series where you can find out the love stories of all the characters of a book you fell in love with. If you have not read her try reading “In The Garden” triology, “Key” triology or “Bride” Quartet.
  6. I hate confrontations: This is because when I get too angry I cry. And I don’t think that’s a good way of winning an argument.
  7. I want to publish a novel:  I always loved stories. As a small girl I used to read them for my grandfather. This blog is a starting point for this goal. The more I write the more I improve. I collect ideas and start writing short stories. I am sure have taken the correct step towards achieving this goal.

And here’s my favorite part about this award, the nominations-

If any of you have already been nominated for this award, please consider this once again as I love your blogs

Carol                                         Grace                                                Hira 

Emma                                      Sandeep                                           Maya

Thank you Liz once again for this.

15 thoughts on “My First Blogging Award :-)

    1. Hey Liz.. I have been great.. Enjoying the holidays.. How about you?
      Thank you for the tag in your post.. I am participating for sure.. Will post soon in a day or two.. Loads of love to you…

      Liked by 1 person

  1. You made my day! I was pleasantly surprised to see your nomination in my notifications. Thank you! Congrats on receiving the award as I also agree that you do have a lovely blog. Let’s keep this blogging thing going together! =]

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations and celebrations. I enjoyed reading about you, I am junk food lover and chocolates are mine favorite too. Many things I relate to you especially reading about romance novels. I really enjoyed thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s so nice to get to know you more, Lochan.

    I can relate to you in so many ways… I try to jog now and then (because exercise is supposed to be good for moderating mood swings)… but I tend to stop after a few days or so. I can’t keep it up for a whole month… If you want, we can be like exercise buddies.. check on each other if we’re doing the exercise daily thing per day next year. Things are easier when you do it with a friend.

    I also hate confrontations, although I’m trying to train myself to settle conflicts as soon as I can.. even if it means talking to the person.

    Good job in starting with blogging to reach your goal/dream of writing a novel. I’ve found that my writing skills are being developed here too.

    Liked by 1 person

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