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The Black Friday haul

I just shifted to the US this year so I was very excited when it was time for Thanksgiving. Even though we do not celebrate Thanksgiving, I was looking forward to the Black Friday shopping about which I have heard so much from my brother and hubby.

So when finally the D Day arrived, I kept dropping hints to my hubby about what would happen to him if he refused to go shopping with me. He hates going to places which are crowded plus it was raining that day in Seattle so I could somehow read his mood. But fortunately for him, he did not refuse.

My brother wanted to  buy a phone so we went with him to the Westfield Southcenter mall here in Seattle. Even though I did not shop much I still got pretty good deals on few items here. I’ll write more about them and give reviews about few of those items in the coming posts.

My main Black Friday haul(both in store and online)  included

  • An A.N.A. Puffer Jacket from J C Penny. I really liked the look and when I sent my mom the pics of the jacket she said I look like an Eskimo. I also bought few other things there but nothing as grand as this jacket. See how cute it is.
  • The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Lock Collection worth and the Best of Body Shop Tote Bag. The Body Shop had an awesome scheme going on. I hope many of you made use of it and bought the Tote bag as well.


  • Harry Potter Griffindor sleep pants and Griffindor Tee from a cute shop called Box Lunch which activated the geek in me. I couldn’t determine what to buy and what not but my sanity prevailed with my hubby and I left with only these 2. But I have a mind of going there again as I saw loads of things related to Avengers, The Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, and there are quite a few things from Harry Potter which I have not yet bought.
  • I also got Kitchen Aid Artisan series from Amazon. Look at that color , it’s so beautiful. This had been a dream appliance for me for a long time. I love baking but I didn’t do it too often because I hated using the hand whisk. Now that I have got this I can do baking more often. I already started using it to knead a dough for my chapatis as well as I made an Ice Cream Bread. Will put up recipe for it soon.


I wanted to buy few boots but didn’t like any and hubby and bro were getting a bit impatient so couldn’t continue for too long. It’s the moments like these when I wish there were a few girlfriends around so that shopping doesn’t get disrupted with dialogs like “You have enough of those” or “We have already seen in so many shops, buy them later” or “Do you really need those” or “I am bored lets go home”.

My hubby and brother had warned me that the rush in the malls during these sales was too much. But I didn’t find much rush at the mall. Maybe the rush would have increased late at night and continued till next evening, but as we had gone on Thursday evening itself I think the rush was less. Or its possible that the other malls in Seattle were more crowded than the one that I went to.

But my overall experience was awesome and shopping is a therapy that no other activity provides (maybe other than eating for a foodie like me).

What was in your Black Friday haul? Did you get all that you wanted?

4 thoughts on “The Black Friday haul

  1. Hi Lochan! I like the puffer jacket. 🙂

    And I can relate to the shopping with men dilemma. They’re more of the “Get in, get out” type. Not like us. Haha.

    I try to avoid malls when there are huge sales, to be honest. Aside from the crowds, I feel like I’ll spend all my money on things I might not need. This is just my personal thing, because I’m still trying to handle my finances.

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