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Bad Habits die hard…

See.. Its been 2 months again.. Again I did not keep any promise that I made in my last post. What have I done over the last 2 months you might wonder.. Same old stupid boring routine

  1. Get up in the morning at a time which makes me reach office just in time.
  2. Work in office
  3. Come back home
  4. Open iPad, play Farmville and read books
  5. Eat
  6. Sleep really really late

See where is the productivity in this? You know what this routine has done for me? Nothing, except that I have put on weight again. I worked so hard for 3 months before going to US to shed weight. I lost 5 kgs which I have put back on. Do you know why?? See my above time table. Do you see physical activity anywhere??

I know I have been ranting. But you can think this is a way for me to scold myself. Even though I do it everyday, it doesn’t look like I am paying attention to my scoldings. Its so damn frustrating.

When will I learn??



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