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Our office has an Inspire Us series conducted every year with successful people from different fields coming and sharing their learnings with us.

Guess who came to our office two weeks ago.. Rahul Dravid…

IMG-20150701-WA0018It was so awesome listening to him and of course seeing him in person. I saw Rahul Dravid.

The response that Rahul Dravid got in our office was brilliant. I have never seen so many people fit into the indoor cafeteria before. God only knows what reaction will we get if we ever decide to get Sachin Tendulkar to the event.

He gave us lot of things to think about:

1. Different pitches – adapt according
to situation: He gave us an example of how Sachin Tendulkar decided no cover drive on a particluar track because he was getting out on that shot during the series. And being Sachin he succeeded.

2. Be IMG-20150701-WA0008open to learning new things, sometimes even the younger generation teaches us something new: He told us how he learnt from Yusuf Pathan about how T20 must be played and how Dravid would have to adjust his strategy for T20s.

3. Learn to unlearn: He told us how while learning to play cricket they were told to convert all their 30s to 50s but while playing T20 they had to learn that max 30 runs is enough for each person.

4. Teamwork: The Lords match with England (Natwest trophy finals) where he was wicketkeeper. He says it was one of his most memorable innings because even though he did not play well but because he agreed to be the wicketkeeper, the team could play an extra batsman. So even a small gesture can help your team. Always be a team player, even though you never get credit of things done by you for the team. At the end its all about team work.

5. Take risks: ball catcher for slip fielders. This was a small clip about how the slip fielders practice catching balls. He says how different people practice their catches standing at different positions and how risky it is if you stand nearer to the machine.

6. Bring out your own personality rather than trying to imitate someone else. Be yourself. Learn from others but don’t imitate them.

He’s an extremely good orator and a down to earth person. So humble. And I don’t think I need to tell you all how good looking he is. He praised his peers and acknowledged their contribution to his success. I always thought he was a serious guy but he has an awesome sense of humor. It was really great listening to him. I just wish I could meet him face-to-face and take a pic with him.

P.S. The close-up pic was not taken by me. My manager got to meet him in person. Such  a lucky guy. I am jealous of him.

Until next time… Adiós!!

P.P.S. I met Rahul Dravid face to face finally and got to click a selfie with him. I was coming back to Bangalore from Nagpur after Diwali last year when I first saw him with his family at the Nagpur airport. He was in the same flight as me. When we landed in Bangalore I asked him for a selfie and he politely asked me to wait for 2 mins as he could see his luggage on the belt. As soon as he took down his bags from the belt, he obliged me with the photo. ( He’s really really handsome 😉 😉 )


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