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The month of June

The start of month of June brings too many awesome memories of childhood. June triggers the feeling of a new year at school. Progressing to a higher class or standard as we say. End of May brings tears of joy or sorrow depending on your school results.
Then in June starts the routine of preparing for a new year in school. Go buy a new school bag, a new pencil box or compass box, water bottle, tiffin box, etc. The trends for these keep changing every year. A fight with parents where they insist everything from last year is good enough to be used again this year and children insisting that trends have changed they want everything new. A compromise reached where sometimes your old things get handed over to your younger sibling with you insisting that its new for them.

One day go to school and buy new school books. Come home sit for a day and put covers on your books so that they are as neat as possible. Buy favorite stickers so that you can show off in school. (Later schools put an end to this by providing stickers with school name printed on them. So sad) Writing your names on the stickers in a neat legible handwriting.
My favorite part about this whole exercise was reading my language text books to see which language had the best stories that I could read throughout the school year whenever I felt bored of studying.
Getting ready for school on the first day of a new year at school. Holiday routine ends, the school routine starts. Going to school, catching up with our friends, spending the whole day chatting about who did what over the summer holidays – which movies did we watch, which new places we visited. Showing off photographs of our trips.

Now that we are working, I miss those 2-3 months of summer vacations. The anticipation of a new year at school. The beauty of traveling with parents to different cities during holidays. Playing the whole day, having time to watch unlimited TV but instead spending the day chit chatting with friends.
Now while working, every vacation that we take has to be planned well in advance. Balancing visiting both the families. Or trying to fit a small vacation with just two of us so that there is a change in routine.

No wonder “Those were the best days of my life

P.S. : I had started with this article long before the note of thanks. But could not finish it before. Now that June was about to end, I thought its high time to complete this post.


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