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A Note of Thanks

Sunday 21st June was Father’s Day. On 10th of May we also celebrated Mother’s Day. I think these days were assigned as we rarely take the opportunity to thank our parents and tell them how much we love them.  (I will not go into the discussion of how it is not in Indian culture or how it’s a way of making money. Not my intent).

In this post I want to say thanks to both my mom and dad for always being there for me and my brother and contributing in what we both are today.

The list is going to be never ending but I am still going to try –

  1. For meeting each other and falling in love.
  2. For giving me such a cute baby brother (A brat who actually acts as if he is elder to me).
  3. Always standing by us through thick n thin even when we were being bad.
  4. For accepting us for what we are even though it sometimes doesn’t match with your expectations.
  5. For allowing us to make mistakes and learn from them even though your first reaction is always to protect us.
  6. For giving us both ample opportunities to study and become independent.
  7. For treating us as equals and encouraging us to respect each other.
  8. For allowing us to take risks as we know we have you to fall back on in case we ever lose.
  9. For scolding us when necessary.
  10. For showing us that taking care of elders provides more happiness than any other thing in this world.
  11. For showing us how much trust matters in a relationship.
  12. For allowing me to choose my own life partner and trusting me enough to understand what I want for myself.
  13. For showing me how important it is for a husband and wife to respect each other and support each other.
  14. For setting an example of how a happy family should be.
  15. For staying apart for 13 years so that we get better education(In the last 1 year I have understood how difficult it is. It would have been 1300 times more difficult for you as you had to take care of all of us).
  16. For ever smiling through difficulties. We were oblivious for a long time about how difficult it was for you to manage.

There are more things but if I start writing about all the whole blog would be full and never ending.

I love you both a lot.

Until next time… Adiós!!


One thought on “A Note of Thanks

  1. The older I get, the more I feel like my mother. It makes me smile because I realize every day just how much she loved me and how much she did for me. It’s awe-inspiring to understand the sacrifices our parents have made just so we could have a better life. And for that, we’re forever thankful for them.

    (Now I’m going to bother my mommy to tell her I love her!)


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