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I have been thinking for a long long time that I have to venture in the blogging world. But kept postponing it mostly for 2 reasons. Firstly, I was not sure how this would be received. Second most important reason, I have become really really lazy in the last few years.

For the last 1-2 months I am trying to improve and start new interests. My current motto is –

I am working on a new me, not because the old me is bad, but because old me can improve

Let’s hope I can continue to improve.

I will now try to shed my laziness and try to write blogs as frequently as possible.

I remember how much I loved literature when I was a small child. I loved writing essays in school, something I am sure most of the people hated. So I am hoping via this blog, writing would give me as much pleasure now as it gave me when in school.


7 thoughts on “Finally!!

  1. I loved English at school, love reading, writing and literature. I didn’t really appreciate blogging, thinking it was just a bandwagon fad that everyone was jumping onto. Being rebellious, and not wanting to do something just because everyone else was, I ignored social media and blogging, not realising that as an aspiring writer here was an amazing avenue and outlet I could use. I so regret my ignorance and the wasted years and opportunities.
    I hope you will discover and improve on the new you. I hope you will continue blogging.
    Best wishes.

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