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Reading Challenge – Updates

If you remember, I had done a post in December regarding how I am doing a reading challenge this year and have been reading books for the same. There are still a lot of categories for me to cover in this challenge, but let me tell you about a few that I completed.

There was a category called Read a book you have read before and I had a few of my favourite books lined up for this. One day while watching the idiot box I saw Harry Potter and immediately wanted to read it again. Its one of my favourite books having grown up reading them. I decided I would read only one but ended up reading the whole series again and Continue reading “Reading Challenge – Updates”

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Its already July

We are finished with 6 months of this year and as usual I keep disappearing from the blogging scene. Even though I have not been writing anything I am reading everyone’s blogs religiously and leaving a comment here and there. You all rock!!

I really can’t believe half of the year is over. There have been so many good things that have happened over these few months. Hubby got his new job. I started preparing for GMAT. Plus we had a nice short trip to New York, Miami and Key West before hubby joined his daily grind again. So its been fun. And we got to meet a few relatives over the past month and few are dropping by later in the year.

But I tell you, preparing for GMAT reminds me of my college days where I would fall asleep within a small amount of time after opening the books. I have always wondered do you all also have this same issue? When I am reading a novel or just reading for pleasure, I can never fall asleep while reading. But if I am studying, I am going to sleep within 1 hour. I have no idea why this happens. My brain automatically shuts down?

I would also like to thank Ploypiti and Fab Writings for my awards. Though I feel guilty about accepting them because I have been away from the scene again. So I will do a post on them once my guilt passes away.

I hope you all had a great half year till now and wish you an even better remaining year.

And for all my friends in the US ” Happy 4th of July”

P.S. This is one of my favorite months of the year. Its the month of my Grandfather’s and Father (the first love of my life)’s birthday.

Lots of love.

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Motivating yourself

How many times do you find yourself in a situation where you think ‘Nothing is going right.’? How many times do you wonder ‘Why does this happen to me?’? I have been struggling with these questions myself for the past 4-5 months. It feels like I have been waiting for ages to see a ray of light. Every time I see one, it gives me hope and then there is shade again for sometime.

I believe that we get what we deserve, especially if we work really really hard for it. But the rewards might not be immediate every time. You never know which decision of yours will be a key to your happiness in future. Continue reading “Motivating yourself”

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Yes I disappeared again..

Hi everyone.. I know I disappeared again for a month. But I was busy trying to sort out a few issues. Now that all is well and back on track I am also back to the blogging world.


Anyways how has your first month of the new year been? Mine has been better than last year. Plus I have been working on my goals for this year. I have been exercising regularly. I think I have missed maximum 1 or 2 days. So that’s been a positive for me. Plus I am also busy reading. If you remember I had told you about a reading challenge that I am going to be participating in this year.

I went to Barnes and Nobel and bought a few books to kickstart the same. Continue reading “Yes I disappeared again..”

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First Weekend and a few reflections

Here comes the first weekend of the new year and my first post of 2017. I have not written anything this new year but I have been active on WordPress reading your posts.

I hope the new year has been great for you so far and I hope this continues throughout the year.

Here I just wanted to reflect back and see how I progressed on my new year goals. So far, this year has been good to me. I started the new year by going to the temple here in Seattle. I got a new puzzle so that I can keep myself busy in the afternoons. Continue reading “First Weekend and a few reflections”

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My Goals for the New Year

Its been too long that I have set up goals for myself as a part of new year resolutions. I was too busy working last few years and somehow my interest in all the things that I loved diminished a lot. I have not done anything different or new in the last few years. The only good thing that I started was this blog but as you know I did not even stick to it for long. Now that I am not working and am on  a break, I would love to set goals once again.


I thank Liz for motivating me to do this through her post 3 Major Goals for 2017.

I totally believe that you should share your goals with others. But make sure you share them with only those people who have a positive impact on your life and those who love to motivate you. Continue reading “My Goals for the New Year”

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Merry Christmas to you all!!

Hello everyone!!


This year has been more of downs than ups. But still I go ahead to welcome new year with the hope that next year would be special and bring joy and happiness.I made so many new friend this year via my blog and so many of you have encouraged me to work towards it and I am very thankful to all of you for that.

Wish you all a very Merry Christmas!! I hope you all have a great day with friends and family.Hope you all had a great year and wish you all the happiest new year.

Happy holidays everyone!!

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The First Snow – Treasure

via Daily Prompt: Treasure

I have always lived in India in a region that always had a mild weather. And I had never ever experienced snow in my life.

So on this Monday morning when I got up I saw that its snowing. Even though it snowed for not more than half an hour and not a heavy snow I still enjoyed the experience. I went out on the terrace and saw the falling flakes, touched them. It was such a treasure for me.

So that’s another memory that gets added to my treasure box of memories. I hope it snows more here in Seattle so that my treasure box keeps filling.

Enjoy the snow everyone!!

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My First Blogging Award :-)


Thank you so much Liz(Stay Strong, Daily Warrior) for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award. You made my day!!
Do visit her blog. I am sure you all will be motivated when you go through her blog. Her ‘The Warrior Princess‘ category is my absolute favorite and every time I read it it keeps me thinking. I am sure you all will also like it.
Continue reading “My First Blogging Award :-)”